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Simply Locs By Nikki
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Simply Locs By Nikki
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 Frequently Asked Questions 
 What are Sisterlocks?
Sisterlocks is a natural hair management system that allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of today's hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair.

 Do I need to cut my relaxed hair to get locs?
No. Sisterlocks can be started with as little as 3 - 4inches of new growth at your root. The relaxed hair is gradually trimmed off as your hair continues to grow and sets into a loc pattern. Yes. Microlocs and Traditional locs require your hair to be in its natural state, free from any and all chemical processes. Yes. Traditional locs does require that you cut off all relaxed hair.

 How do Sisterlocks differ from Traditional locs?
Sisterlocks are true locs, they differ from traditional locs in the technique used to form them. The sisterlocks method uses a precise parting grid, and a tool to produce small easily styled locs (or locks). Sisterlocks does not use any waxes, jells, creams or hair extensions, so everything that can add weight, stress, or hinder hair growth is removed.

 Are Sisterlocks permanent?
Yes. During the first 6 months of development, Sisterlocks can be removed. Removal will likely take more time, and be more costly than your Initial Locking Session. Sisterlocks allow the hair's natural interlocking process to unfold, they are true locks. This means that they are not meant to be undone.

 Can I get Sisterlocks extensions?
Sisterlocks does not involve the addition of any extensions: synthetic/human hair or other fiber to add length or volume to the hair. It's not necessary. With Sisterlocks your hair will reach its maximum growth potential.

 Are Sisterlocks expensive?**
Sisterlocks are not any more expensive than any other form of regular, routine, salon services. Some people will say that Sisterlocks are expensive, and claim to have found a less expensive copy cat loc (Step Sistas) that look just as good. Be aware, many ladies who have tried the less expensive copy cats, end up removing them and replacing them with Sisterlocks by a Certified Consultant, or in a place of long term dissatifaction. You may save a couple of dollars in the beginning, but what will you loose in the end? **Ask us about our budget plan.**

 How much do establishments and retightenings cost?
Prices are set based on geography, the individual consultant and by the suggested price range set by the Sisterlocks™ home office, therefore prices will vary.

 What about coloring my Sisterlocks?
It is recommended that the coloring your locks should be once they are set in or well on their way. Your Consultant can advise you in this area. This is because if you color your hair before your hair is locked you will run into trouble trying to touch up your color while your locks are settling. For example, when coloring your hair you must make sure that all of the color is out. This requires excessive manipulation to your locks by shampooing. The more you shampoo your locks the looser they will become. This means that when you go for your re-tightening you will have very loose locks and even some that may have come down. If this is so, your re-tightening will take more time and cost more money.

 Will Sisterlocks cause my hair to break or thin?
Sisterlocks is a gentle technique that requires NO chemicals, NO excessive tightening, and causes NO damaging abrasion to the hair or scalp. Your locks will grow and grow, and your styling options will increase with regular care!!

 Should I use oils, butters, etc. on my Sisterlocks?
No, those oils, butters, etc., will have a long-term undesirable effect on your locks - build-up. It won't show up right away, but it will over time. Sisterlocks is an all-inclusive natural hair care system. It was intentional to develop Sisterlocks products as a part of that system to provide everything needed to maintain the integrity of Sisterlocks. It was intentional to develop the products with ingredients that wouldn't create build-up in the locks and would provide the exact amount of moisture needed to maintain healthy locks/hair. The Sisterlocks product line was developed intentionally so that you do not have to go out and figure out how to maintain the integrity of your Sisterlocks. It's all here for you..Shampoos, conditioners, setting lotion, holding spray - you name it!

 What are MicroLocs?
Microlocs are essentially locs that are smaller than traditional locs but larger than Sisterlocks. They can be started using the interlock, 2 strand twist, coils (not highly recommended) or braid technique. Microlocs generally result in at least 150-300 locs, depending on the size of your head and density.


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